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Example Work


This is the dedicated “example” site for our queer disabled poetry anthology project application to the Arts Council (Applicant Number: 56575591, Project Number: NLPG-00704911)


About This Project

Eff-Able seeks to shine a spotlight on sex and erotica for queer disabled people, and to celebrate, through an exciting and diverse range of poetry, this most diverse and essential human activity.

It is frequently challenging for disabled people to be visible and open about their sexuality, and this can be even more difficult in the queer community which often prizes physical looks, ‘performance’, and sexual prowess as a key factor in acceptance and visibility.

This anthology will blow this stereotype apart, with poetry that is bold, tender, boundary-pushing and eye-opening, focusing on all aspects of the sexual and erotic experience for queer disabled people.

About Us

JP Seabright (pen name of Jennifer Perkins) and AG Parker (pen name of George Parker) have both written and published a lot of poetry around sex, gender, identity, and disability.


They’ve been interviewed in print and on podcasts discussing queer disabled sex, performed drag numbers and spoken word pieces centring on those themes, and want to use their experience and expertise to create a beautiful and brilliant book of queer crip erotic poetry.

Both our websites provide links to poetry and performances for examples of our work. The short showreels below offer an overview of some of our producing and performing work.

About Our Partners

Wherever possible, we’ve provided links in the application for our partners in this project. These are all confirmed (with the exception of venues, with discussions in progress). This is an example of similar anthology, in terms of scale and printing costs, from our publisher.

More About Us

George was crowned Disabled and Queer Artist of the Year in 2022 for their drag persona George the Dragon, and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, London and Manchester Prides, the V&A Museum and Royal College of Art. They are a novelist, co-founder of Queer Stage Revolution, and Rebel Riot Poetry, as well as hosting the podcast Cabinet of Curiosities. More info on their website.

JP has published four solo pamphlets and two collaborations encompassing poetry, prose and experimental work. Two of which have been shortlisted in the Saboteur Awards. They have edited poetry chapbooks for Full House Literary, as well as multiple journal issues. They have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and Forward Prize, and performances include The Vagina Museum, Queercircle, Primadonna Festival, Margate Bookie Festival and Polari Literary Salon.

More info on their website.

Producing & Performing Showreel

JP Showreel

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