"Twisted Roots is sinister and atmospheric... As a poet, it is no surprise that A.G. Parker’s writing style is wonderfully lyrical."

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White lies and good intentions have paved the way for Laela’s untamed magic to bleed into the land, resurrecting a terrible power intent on vengeance.

Haunted by dreams of a skeletal tree, Laela lives on the outskirts of a village shrouded in secrets. Her mother died hoping to free Laela from a life of duty. Instead, she denied her the chance to know the magic of her bloodline – and the reality of the horrors they were tasked to guard.

When her dark and violent history begins to unravel, Laela must reclaim her magic – and uncover the truth of her origin – before the mist and wickedness destroy everything she loves.

But Laela’s path is steeped in betrayal, and overcoming evil may not be as easy as killing it…

If you enjoyed Aiden Thomas’s Cemetery Boys, Victoria Lee’s The Fever King, and Vylar Kaftan’s Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water, you’ll love Twisted Roots – a dark contemporary fantasy, which weaves together the stories of Laela and her vengeful counterpart, the Witch, in a story of redemption and compassion.

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Wild Wolf Publishing are also hoping to do a print run later this year.


Twisted Roots Audiobook

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The Twisted Roots audiobook is now available on Podbean for FREE! If you can support an indie author and like what you hear, please also download the Kindle version or a PDF copy as every sale counts toward getting the book onto real-life shelves!



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