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Loose Connections

Striving is now available in the May 2020 issue of Loose Connections. Featuring voices from the EDS community, Loose Connections e-mag is the source for original content by those with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome & HSD. Loose Connections also provides current information on medical advances in EDS and updates on the activities of the Society.



I’ve been where you are

treading water

afraid to rest for one moment, knowing

that to stop would mean to drown

tattered rags hang to your legs

love-woven tethers bind and drag at your limbs

I can see the sea’s fast-building torrent

snatching your vision, breath, heart.


underneath frothing tongues and dragging tides

it eases

slip under


let go of the flotsam you cling to

let the current take you

rest those sinews and struggling bones

beneath the churn and drama and that skin-clawing undertow, the water is clear

and even from the blackest depths

if you lay back and look up

you can see sunlight

silence and sunlight

eyes open

eyes fixed

on that dappling light

that pure peaceful joy

your own heart will melt the weight from your body

let you float to the surface

and beyond

into sun-soaked sky

and you’ll wonder how you ever got so


so tear-weighed and heavy

that sad fingers pulled you down

and you forgot you were meant to fly.

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