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Debut Novel Twisted Roots Out Now

Order via Blackwell's or Amazon or, for a signed copy, order through this website for just £9.99 plus postage.

"Twisted Roots is sinister and atmospheric... As a poet, it is no surprise that A.G. Parker’s writing style is wonderfully lyrical." - Mai Taylor


"This is a dark and beautifully written story that speaks to everyone."

"Twisted Roots is a dark, lyrical tale of family, friendship, and the cruelties that can fester inside the heart of a person and a community. A gorgeously written story of hidden secrets and generational healing." - Laura Elliott


"Twisted Roots is an intriguing story of determination and courage."

"Twisted Roots ensnares you within the eternal twilight of its pages. This book is for all the teenagers lost in the margins, crushed by the weight of expectation without guidance, and feeling like they don't fit the rigid expectations of who came before them. Not for the horror adverse, but if you love your stories on the bloodier side, you'll be right at home." - K. Blair

Praise for Twisted Roots

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