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Embracing Life

Five Week Online Writing & Meditation Course

  • Starts Thursday, September 29, 2022

  • 11:00 AM  12:30 PM

  • Online via Zoom

Whether you’re an experienced writer or simply wanting to nurture your creative spirit and develop your writing voice, you’re warmly invited to take part in this special event. Many of us know the experience of trying to avoid life – to hide away from what feels too much. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And yet, there seems to be something in each of us calling out to be fully embraced by life and, in turn, to embrace life itself. Just as it is.

Through a well-established practice of combining heart-centred meditation, spacious free writing and small group sharing circles, we find ourselves opening up life in a profoundly deepening way. Writing flows in unexpected directions, with a poetic connection that is vibrant and rich. Writing from this open-hearted awareness, we begin to see things we had never quite grasped before. This practice is profoundly healing, transformative and enriching for the creative spiritual life.

Supporting those in need

Flowing with Life and AG Parker are both passionate about doing what we can to support those in greatest need. For this event, we have decided to dedicate at least 10% of proceeds to support The Compass Centre (formerly known as Rape Crisis Shetland). We thank you for your support.

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Previous Workshops

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Let Your Creativity Shine!

Thursdays from 
6th January 2022, 11:00 AM  12:30 PM

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Nurture Your Creative Embers Through the Winter Months

4th November - 9th December

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Reignite Your Creative Flame

5th January - 10th February

Reclaim Your Narrative

Writing for Change

Reclaim Your Narrative

8th January 11-12:30


"In their workshops, Amara George Parker
provides a professional environment for artistic development and I recommend them very highly.
This wonderful human being will change your (artistic) life!"

Jessy James LaFleur, Spoken Word Artist, Rapper, Founder & Managing Director of Angeprangert!

Sacred Anarchy:
Writing the Roots

Copy of Sacred Anarchy Writing the Bones.jpg

7th September -
12th October 2021

Join us on a six-week writing and meditation course to see what thrives within you when expectations are allowed to fall away.

As the trees release their leaves and draw their energy down to the roots, so we might feel restored in letting go of what we no longer need and returning to what is simple, grounded and whole. Autumn invites us to go deeper, to see what lies beneath. What sweet expression might flow from here? We invite you to join us for this quiet time, perhaps lighting a candle as the night draws in. Together, we will share beautiful, simple practices for grounding, connecting with the stillness of the heart and letting our voices sing out on the page.

We like to think of anarchy as the art of relating freely as equals. In this circle of wisdom, we will be tuning in directly to our sacred centre, shining as our radiant selves, able to share what wants to be shared through us. Connecting through Zoom, through our roots and through our hearts, we can enjoy this time of sacred anarchy, of writing the roots, together.

Sessions will run on Tuesday evenings, 8-9:30pm via Zoom, 7th September – 12th October. Places on the course are just £88 for six weeks with 10% of proceeds goes to directly to support the social change and reforestation charity Tree Sisters.

If the price would be an obstacle for you and your heart is calling you to join us, please get in touch. We might be able to help.

Course Facilitators


Amara George Parker is a London-based writer, editor, and Best of the Net nominated poet. Their debut dark fantasy novel, Twisted Roots is now available to buy on Kindle, and their poetry, fiction, and essays have been featured in various publications, including Mslexia, Mooky Chick, The F-Word, Elevator Stories, The Feminist Library, Prismatica, Ogma, Sufi Journal, Sage Cigarettes, Earth Pathways, and more. Their craft essay about disability representation in fiction features in Human/Kind Press' anthology Musing the Margins. They are the English Language Editor for Angeprangert! and a staff reader at Prismatica Magazine. They run mindful writing workshops that encourage people to explore and develop a connection with Self through creativity.

As a pansexual, genderqueer and disabled writer, they hope their work offers readers an inclusive perspective.

vishwam shetland jumper.jpg

Vishwam Heckert is a poet, essayist, wellbeing coach and Heart Of Living Yoga Teacher & Trainer living in Scotland. He is the co-editor of Anarchism & Sexuality (Routledge) and contributor to numerous books including Queering Anarchism (AK Press). Vishwam’s poetry has appeared in Earth Pathways Diary, Mooky Chick, Soul Lit & Amethyst Review. Vishwam offers weekly online yoga and relaxation sessions and is offering a retreat inspired by Hildegard von Bingen in Dumfries this September. You can follow him on Instagram @flowingwithlife

A Wave in the Heart: Poetic Connection


Meet the Team

Course Facilitators

Vishwam Heckert is a writer, poet, yoga teacher trainer and heart meditation guide. Vishwam’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Amethyst Review, Mooky Chick & Soul Lit and his first collection, Medicine Poems, is coming soon. Before poetry called to him, Vishwam published numerous scholarly and activist essays on the connections between intimacy and personal/social transformation.

Amara George Parker is a London-based writer, editor and hedgewitch. They previously trained as a yoga teacher and specialised in sessions for those with disabilities. Their work has been published in Mslexia, Elevator Stories, Mooky Chick, Prismatica, Sufi Journal, Sage Cigarettes, Earth Pathways & many more. Their craft essay on disability representation in fiction is included in Human/Kind Press's Musing the Margins anthology.

Image by Faye Cornish

"As a dyslexic I was nervous about where to start but with a relaxed supportive atmosphere my writing soon started flowing and became surprisingly productive. Everyone on the zoom chat seemed to be enjoying themselves and very encouraging of each other. The mindfulness meditation was a perfect accompaniment to clear and focus the mind ready for the creativity to flow. I now feel inspired and confident to get pen to paper and have a go at exploring my new found interest of mindfully writing. Thank you."


Taster Session

Thursday 29th October


By donation to Choose Love

All welcome!

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Six-Week Course

Thursdays 12th November - 17th December


£88 per person or £150 for two

Online via Zoom

Limited to 12 participants

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