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Sacred Anarchy: Writing the Roots

Tuesdays 8-9:30, 7th September - 12th October via Zoom

As the trees release their leaves and draw their energy down to the roots, so we might feel restored in letting go of what we no longer need and returning to what is simple, grounded and whole. Autumn invites us to go deeper, to see what lies beneath. What sweet expression might flow from here? We invite you to join us for this quiet time, perhaps lighting a candle as the night draws in. Together, we will share beautiful, simple practices for grounding, connecting with the stillness of the heart and letting our voices sing out on the page.

We like to think of anarchy as the art of relating freely as equals. In this circle of wisdom, we will be tuning in directly to our sacred centre, shining as our radiant selves, able to share what wants to be shared through us. Connecting through Zoom, through our roots and through our hearts, we can enjoy this time of sacred anarchy, of writing the roots, together.

Sessions will run on Tuesday evenings, 8-9:30pm via Zoom, 7th September – 12th October. Places on the course are just £88 for six weeks with 10% of proceeds goes to directly to support the social change and reforestation charity Tree Sisters.

If the price would be an obstacle for you and your heart is calling you to join us, please get in touch. We might be able to help.

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