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Kindling Creativity

Reignite Your Creative Flame

Winter's hand still holds the land quiet, but gentle movement happens deep in the earth. As the Sun begins to slowly return and the land starts to awake, we'll rekindle our creative energies using a variety of techniques and prompts - a perfect way to blow away the cobwebs! Perhaps seeds which have lain dormant during the dark months are now ready to begin to grow. As we work towards Spring, what creative wonders will you allow to flourish?

There are two time slots available for this course. You can choose either:

Thursdays, 8-9pm or Wednesdays 11:30am-12:30pm

5th January – 10th February using Microsoft Teams (free if you haven't yet downloaded it). 

Suggested course cost is £84, but

places start at just £39 for six weeks for those on low income. If you can afford to pay more and would like to 'pay it forward' for another person, you're most welcome!

If price is an obstacle but you feel called to join us, please reach out, I may be able to help. To book, please email me by right-clicking and copying the email address from the button below or email amara.g.parker[@gmail].com

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