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Twisted Roots

White lies and good intentions have paved the way for Laela’s untamed magic to bleed into the land, resurrecting a terrible power intent on vengeance.

"Twisted Roots is sinister and atmospheric... As a poet, it is no surprise that A.G. Parker’s writing style is wonderfully lyrical."

"This is a dark and beautifully written story that speaks to everyone."

"Twisted Roots is an intriguing story of determination and courage."

"The slow peeling back of the layers kept my anticipation levels high and my attention gripped throughout the book."


Short Fiction


S. L. Huang

"The post-apocalyptic future of ‘Rafterland’ is stunning in the richness of its detail, some climate calamity of the past having transformed London into a twisted drowned maze of its former self. The prose in this story melted like butter against my brain... I was also happy to read a narrative with a nonbinary protagonist.”



“Yanni" highlights systemic issues within our society and culture. While it is set within the pandemic, many of the class-based barriers and challenges the main character faces are universal and relevant issues outside of the further-exacerbating situation of the pandemic.

Published in Ogma Magazine

Issue 7 'Culture'.

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Published in issue 86 of Mslexia.

Short dystopian fiction.

Story available for individual 

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Short SFF. Available to read now!

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Heavenly Bodies

Short SFF. The celestial talk show where your end is our entertainment.

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Apocalyptic SF. 

Available at Tales from the Moonlit Path


Crab Walk

Short fiction about homelessness, abuse, and disability.

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Forest Bones

Short ecohorror story.

Available at Gothic Nature Journal 

One Eye Creature

Maybe It's Puggles!

Lina can't sleep. She and her mother have just moved into Aunt Rachel's house and strange creaks and groans come from out of the darkness. Lina's sure there's a monster under the bed! Or is there?

Maybe it's a monster... or maybe... it's puggles!

For children aged 3-5

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The Pocket

A collection of dark fantasy tales set in The Pocket, the piteous blister of space-time that rubs along between Earth and the realm of magic.

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Little Wanderer

The adventures of girl and her mothers who live aboard their magic boat.

Middle Grade

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