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The Ritual of Smoke Cleansing

A Brief Guide

Cleansing with smoke is an ancient ritual used to free a person or space of lingering energies, enabling us to welcome in blessings. If you feel stuck, sluggish or depressed, this is a wonderful way to connect with your inner guide and intuition and prepare your mind, body, and spirit so that your intentions can flourish.

Alternatively, these are great for those summer evenings to keep the mosquitoes at bay!


To use:

Before using, note your intention, whether you are healing, purifying or cleansing. I love to keep a white candle lit to represent this while performing this ritual, but it’s important you find your own way which feels right for you.

Ensure there is a window open to allow the negativity to dissipate (and to prevent your space from being smoked out!)

Light the unbound end of the smoke bundle. Once lit, blow out the flames. You want some (but not too much) smoke to rise from the stick as you use it. Please note that throughout use, small embers/ash may fall.

Holding your intention of cleansing/blessing/manifesting good in your mind and Heart, draw the smoke over you with your free hand.

Once you have cleansed yourself, you may proceed to do the same for whatever space you wish to be free from stagnant energy, holding your intention as you do so.

Please ensure smoke bundle is extinguished completely after use. 

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Rosemary & Sage

While each smoke bundle varies, I tend to incorporate sage, rosemary, lavender and bay into each one, as I believe the combination of their attributions and scents make for a powerful cleansing.  These herbs are bound using natural hemp cord. Please note that I have stopped using white sage.

Average length 8 inches.


Custom Made Smoke Bundles

I'd love to make you a specially blended smoke bundle, however, please note that these may take a little longer as not only do they have to be created but also given time to dry.

Ideal for festivals, handfastings and other celebrations. 

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I stand on the threshold of being,

holding my past,

embracing its every shadow.

I cut its binding cords

so that I may step freely and unfettered into my future.

I claim the present for my own,

offering my body, spirit and mind

to the service of all the wonders

that are in my power to create

All my smoke bundles are made using foraged, homegrown & responsibly sourced herbs & flowers. White sage is particularly vulnerable to overuse/over-farming, therefore I have begun to use different varieties of sage instead. Each bundle is a unique creation, with contents varying depending on season & availability of materials.

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