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March 2021

Included in The Feminist Library's Queer Zine Dictionary, which is available now via their website. They say, "This new publication from the Feminist Library has contributions from over 30 artists exploring the idea of a ‘queer dictionary’ through original artworks and texts. Within these pages you’ll find illustrations, poetry, reclaimed words, but – most importantly – a space to exist within a queer, feminist family.

So, why a queer dictionary? As we know, language is important (fabulous). Language defines how we are categorised and treated by society, as constructed political beings. Language is slippery. It is reshaped over space and time as words and worlds evolve beyond their original conception. This reshaping is our power. We will continue to struggle and support each other as we strive to be defined how we choose, and we hope this (very queer) dictionary acts as a source of strength, reminding you (us) that we’re here together, as a queer community."

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