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Tarot & Oracle

"The reading I received from Amara George was truly out of this world. Her ability to understand my complex questions and interpret the cards that they pulled was beyond impressive. Even the bits that were not as "sweet" were respectful, and compassionate."


Tarot & Oracle Experience

For several years, I've used a combination of the Rider & Waite Tarot deck and Carolyn Hillyer's Weavers' Oracle cards. Tarot and Oracle readings are a great way to connect with your intuition and gain a deeper understanding of self. While these readings are not about predicting the future, they act as a guide to assist us in finding ways for us to feel empowered to create our own.

"I greatly appreciate the care, understanding, intuition & love with which this reading was carried out."



The Rider-Waite tarot deck is one of the most widely-used for divination.


Weavers' Oracle

The Weavers’ Oracle book and 52 cards are created from thirty years of Carolyn’s paintings, mythic tales and work with women’s archetypal mysteries. It forms a wild alchemy of images and words that lay down original and inspiring trails into oracle lands.


Intuitive Insight

Reading Tarot and Oracle is a wonderful was to develop insight and intuition, and to connect with yourself and your inner guidance.


Your Reading

With an in-depth tarot or oracle reading, you can gain insight into issues of your past, present and future.  

We can discuss via email or chat which aspects you'd like to explore, including any specific questions you may have. Oftentimes, the best way to approach this is to allow the cards to bring you the messages you need, rather than asking specific questions. I will happily adapt the reading depending on your needs!

The process: I take some time to ground, and meditate on your question. I then conduct your reading, noting in my journal the cards drawn. I'll draw a final clarifying card, either another tarot or oracle card, and then consolidate all the information from your reading.

You'll receive a written report via email, as well as a photograph of the reading and insight into what the cards represent.

If you'd like, we can arrange a time to discuss the results via phone/email/Zoom. Please note that due to time constraints, discussions prior to and following the reading will be limited to 15 minutes.

I look forward to helping you on your path!


As I read through the beautiful reading sent to me with an accompanying photo of my cards, it was hauntingly accurate & resonated with many things I’d been contemplating in my life but not had the courage to draw to the forefront. Its brought light & courage into the corners of my life I had been neglecting & since then so many wonderful things have happened. I am feeling much more content & complete. I will definitely be back for more soon! - J.S

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Book Now

Complete form to receive initial consultation. Consider any specific aspects of your life you'd like me to explore during the reading, or if you'd rather remain open to hearing what message the cards bring you. Once we've your reading is confirmed, you'll receive payment details.

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